A: Judy, have you ever made out how much money shall we spend?


B: Oh, yeah. The total amount is no less than 13.000 RMB, according to our itinerary.

B:噢,是的。李,根据我们的行程宋看,总数不会少于1 3000元。

A: What? That's too much.


B: Sit down.I'll show you the list of our financial budget. First of all, it is nearly 4,000 RMB that we should spend in transportation.


A: Ah, the transportation fee always takes a great part in the budget.


B: Then we must pay a large amount of money for the hotel. But if we want to save money, we can choose a hotel which is not so good.


A: Hmm, what I'm fearful of is that the accommodation will also deteriorate once we choose a cheaper hotel.


B: In that case, we can choose the Youth Hotel. It's a good choice, clean and economic.